Monday, July 23, 2018

VOTE: Dance Plus 4 Voting Details, Missed Call Nos for Dance+4

India's Number One Dance Reality Show Dance Plus Season 4 Already Buzzing the Town by It's Ek Level Up Theme and Contestants are doing their best to defeat the World Dance Champions and Win the Title of Dance Plus 4. Here we have the Voting Details for the Dance Plus 4 Contestants. See How to Vote For Dance Plus 4 Crew and Individual Dancers on Star Plus.


Remo D'Souza is the Super Judges and Contestants from Team Shakti, Team Dharmesh and Team Punit are giving their best Performances to get more Public Votes. Raghav Juyal is the Entertainer host. See How to Vote Via Just Giving Missed Call to your Favorite Dance Plus 4 Contestants.

Team Dharmesh Yelande - Vote For S Unity Crew, Gang 13 Crew, V unbeatable crew, Vartika Jha
Team Punit Pathak -  Vote For Sujan - Aanchal (Duo), Feel Crew, Chetan Salunkhe
Team Shakti Mohan - Vote For The Veterans, Rishabh Sharma, B-UNIQUE Dance Crew

Dance +4 Contestants Voting Details, Missed Call Numbers (How To Vote)

1) Rishabh Sharma Missed Call Number - 18005320406 (Team Shakti)
2) Aanchal and Sujan (Duo) Missed Call No - 18005320405 (Team Punit)
3) V Unbeatable Crew Missed Call No - 18005320403 (Team Dharmesh)
4) Vartika Jha Missed Call Number - 18005320408 (Team Dharmesh)
5) Gang 13 Crew Missed Call No - 18005320407 (Team Dharmesh)
6) B Unique Crew Missed Call Number - 18005320402 (Team Shakti)
7) Chetan Salunkhe Missed Call No - 18005320404 (Team Punit)
8) The Feel Crew Missed Call Number - 18005320401 (Team Punit)
9) The Veterans Missed Call Number - 18005320410 (Team Shakti)
10) S Unity Crew Missed Call Number - 18005320409 (Team Dharmesh)

Note - Dance Plus 4 Contestants and Voting details Available Here. Stay Tuned.

Keep Watching Dance Plus 4 Every Saturday-Sunday 8 PM on Star Plus Channel. Vote and Support your Favorite Solo, Duo or Group Dancers in Dance +4.
Gang 13 Crewgang1318005320407
V unbeatable crewv unbeatable crew18005320403
Vartika Jhavartika jha18005320408
Sujan - Aanchal (Duo)sujan anchal18005320405
Feel Crewfeel crew18005320401
Chetan Salunkhechetan18005320404
S Unity Crews unity crew18005320409
The Veteransthe veterans crew18005320410
Rishabh Sharmarishabh sharma18005320406
B-UNIQUE Dance Crewb unique crew18005320402

Dance Plus 4 Contestants Voting Details
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  1. Replies
    1. You are my one of favorite dancer in dance plus and my vote is for You Bir ..
      ❣️lots of pray for Yu to win the dance plus 3

  2. Indian Famous Dance reality show Dance Plus 4 is my favorite show ever.

    I'm voting to Amardeep singh natt because i like his dancing very much...

    wish you all the best....

  3. Congratulation v unbeatable group.

  4. THE FEEL CREW....
    Keep Growing...
    My vote only for you guys.
    Get Ready to fight.

  5. B unique crew and sujan & aanchal

  6. Feeling hard to choose one because the other name takes up my mind...
    Due respect to all captains i feel to support Sujan and Ayachal.. The real unbeatable duo...

  7. Vartika Jha is my favourite dancer.♥️

  8. Sujan nd anchal u r the best performance i wish to god both are winner

    1. I am jayant tiwari support for sujan nd anchal

  9. V unbeatable champions forever

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  11. I enjoy this show, it's so entertaining me.aur iss show se Main bahut jada #prerit hota hun...

  12. I enjoy this show, it's so entertaining me.aur iss show se Main bahut jada #prerit hota hun...

  13. Sujan & anchal my favorite dance contest

  14. anchal aur sujan , i love you anchal😘❤

  15. Aanchel&sujan cute couple no 2

  16. Sujan and aachal you are a outstanding performers.... I love you guys... and you are winner of dance pluse 4 ....

  17. Sujan and Aachal is mind-blowing dance +4 contestant