Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dance Plus 3 Top 8 Contestants Dancers Crew Names List with Photos

Remo D'Souza's Dance+3 Increased the Level of Excitement as it goes Ek Level Up. The First International World Dance Champion had Dance Competition with the Solo and Crew from Dance Plus 3 and the Top 8 Contestants to be revealed here.

After the First Final Show Down competition among the Teams of Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Yelande and Punit Pathak Top 8 Contestants revealed.

It was the  Final Show Down between the Nostalgia Crew (Team Shakti) and The Tuttix Crew (Team Dharmesh) and Finally The Tuttux Crew Wins the Final Show Down. Dharmesh Nominated Tarun-Shivani and Aryan Patra for the Top 8 Selection

aryan patra
Aryan Patra - First Artist in Top 6
Aryan Patra from Team Dharmesh make it to the Top 8 List.

ayush mukesh

Ayush & Mukesh from Team Punit Pathak makes it to the Top 8 List.

avp crew

AVP Crew from Team Punit Pathak makes it to the Top 8 List.


Shree Rama Nataka Niketan from Team Shakti Mohan in Top 8 .


Amardeep Singh Natt from Team Dharmesh Joins Top 8


Bir Radha Sherpa from Team Punit Pathak joins top 8

tarun shivani

Tarun and Shivani from Team Dharmesh joins top 8

house of suraj

House of Suraj from Team Punit joins top 8

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